Let the Blogging Begin!

Hello! And welcome. Firstly, if you’re confused my the title of this blog, allow me to explain. For some reason in my youth (middle school years), I decided that “texasnerd44” would make a great screen name/email/xanga name since I was born in Texas and considered myself a hard core band nerd. So of course, since I’ve returned to my homeland, the name must live on. Secondly, I’m going to be real honest right from the start. This blogging thing will be a learning process, but if you find yourself reading this, I hope are along for the ride! This year I will be sharing with you stories, thoughts, pictures, music, and who knows what else! 

I realize that many of you might not even really know what I’m doing here in Texas since mostly my explanation for “What are you doing next year?” got blurred into “I’m moving to Texas”. Turns out I realized that 1) most people were not familiar with the acronym YAV, plus 2) I didn’t really have a good idea of what I’d be doing beyond the actually moving there part. But as you’re here, you deserve a better explanation. This year I’ve signed up for the volunteer program for young adults aged 19-30 and hosted by the Presbyterian Church (USA) (see link below for a fuller explanation). My site of San Antonio was chosen through mutual discernment between the YAV staff, the site coordinator here, and myself. After considering places like Tucson, Austin, and Peru, I was most excited about San Antonio because of the possibility at working at a church, using my Spanish, and eating excessive amounts of Tex-Mex. So here I am. Months and months later after that decision, sitting at my dining room table in my home in Westside, SATX. It’s crazy that this is actually happening now, but here we are! One year starts now.

What is the YAV Experience?


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