The First Week in Review

Here’s my first week at a glance. I wanted to post this to give you all an idea of what my life here is like so far and also for myself to remember it! So here we go: This week I…

-Schooled some middle school boys in basketball at Teen Night.

-Got recruited for the local community marching band by a former YAV.

-Went to a yoga class led by Pastor Rob and felt good about it until Landslide by Stevie Nicks came on…

-Went to a City Hall meeting where 500 people signed up to speak to the city council about the anti-discrimination ordnance, on the 50th Anniversary of the march on Washington.

-Made it onto the local news station with my housemates as we were leaving the meeting.

-Joked that I would make the church singing group change their name to “The Angel and Los Holy Boys” since I will be joining them.

-Visited a pandaria and a botanica (witchcraft store, casual) during Spanish class one day.

-Met a girl named Raven and a girl named Chelsea on my first day at Peace Pals.

-Had surprisingly so much fun hanging out with the kids on my first day at Peace Pals.

-Cried because I was laughing so hard with Maggie at my own joke, at an inappropriate time to laugh of course.

-Made chicken salad for our class fiesta/food exchange with my Spanish teacher and her wife.

-Was wined and dined by some awesome young adults on the hospitality committee at Divine Redeemer.

-Went biking and had my first showdown with a stray dog. We both went away limping a little.

-Got to take part in worshipping and sharing communion in both English and Spanish at Divine Redeemer this morning.

-And I sweat. Every. Single. Day.

All in all, this has been quite the week! Highs and lows included. Life here is so different than how I’ve ever lived before and though I know that is what makes this year so hard, I’m excited. And this has just been a week of orientation! Real life and schedules start Tuesday, but I’m ready. Ready or not, gunna give it a go!


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