Óyenos mi Dios

Every week at Divine Redeemer, there is a moment in the service called “The People of God Pray/El Pueblo de Dios Ora.” During this time, Pastor Rob walks to the back to get the prayer requests that the congregation has written on slips of paper as they come into the service. During this time, we sing this simple refrain over and over. The music is continuous as Rob reads through a few and we sing it again, then reads more, then we sing it again, then silence to reflect, then singing it again, then the Lord’s Prayer, then singing it again. It’s a time unlike any other when the prayer is almost tangible in the room.

Last week, I was smitten by it and frantically searched online for a rendition to post, but couldn’t find any. So this week, knowing I had to share it, I recorded it. This is from the service today, but I cut out the parts of prayer requests. But maybe what is most overwhelming to me is the piano melody being played. It’s something that immediately humbles me and moves me. The line is played with such care and emotion. The simplicity to the runs. The dynamics and the tone of that piano. It’s incredible. I hope that you can listen for it in this recording. Close your eyes if you want to! I sure do. And join in as the congregation repeats: 

Hear me my God, Hear me my God!  Listen to your people, Hear me my God.


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