Three Weeks In

Just wanted to give another update of life here!

1. I’m pretty sure I’ve developed, or realized, a fear of dogs. I blame the Westside dogs. I also blame my parents for having such a nice, calm family dog growing up. Sweet Sammy. But on the bright side, all the dogs have given me a new appreciation for birds. Birds are nice. They don’t run after you when you bike.


2. The community marching band has been going well! I mean besides the fact that for my first practice, I was asked to do a snare solo, and then at my second practice, I was expected to lead the whole band in practicing for the parade… Director: “Just play any military cadence and a roll off.” Me: “Umm…how?” But we got through it! Even had our first parade today and it was fun! Repped that yellow polo through my own Westside streets for the 16 de septiembre parade. I’ve also been making friends! A nice, cymbal playing grandma invited me to go to Six Flags Fiesta with her next weekend and a kind, trumpet playing grandpa gave me a ride home in an air conditioned vehicle. Yes, I’m definitely the youngest member. Well maybe except for that toddler who was twirling a baton this morning…


3. We finally have a covenant! Things in the house are going great as we get into the rhythm of making dinners, following the chore wheel, and sharing one a week in community days. I wouldn’t necessarily say things are sailing smoothly, but I think we’ve all really enjoyed each other’s differences. I’ll be the first to say, I have already learned a ton from Ashley, a second year Dweller and San Antonio local, who has shared her family with us and allowed us into the San Antonio music scene, which she basically owns. No really, she knows every one. It’s awesome. Just last night, she took us to a free concert on the River Walk and she personally knew the band members of this rock-punk, mariachi band that was killing it! Moral of the story, she’s a boss. And Piñata Protest is the bomb. And so is the accordion.


4. I’ve also had my first real week of working in the office and with my various programs! Mostly, I get there midmorning (awesome) and work on various projects for House of Teens, like planning my program days to lead or working on a volunteer packet, and then go to either House of Teens or Peace Pals in the afternoon. I also think that Thursdays might be my new favorite office day because it’s the day when I work specifically in the church office getting ready for worship. Really that just means updating the powerpoint for Sunday and making copies of a million things, but I like to have a little tangible, check it off the list work. Plus, I love church.


That’s all for now! I truly am loving it here and thank you all for keeping up with me! And as we say it here in SATX: Go Spurs! Wait, too soon.


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