Retreat Time

This weekend, we went with 90 people from the community and our church to the great HEB camp and let me tell you, it was such a needed time! I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed being outside in the woods like that until I went back. The camp is in the hill country of Texas and even just the drive over was beautiful! I was like, is this Texas? Plus, I even got to drive (first time since being here)! Two hours there driving a Jeep was good for my soul. Even if I did have to drive through a river…no really. Through it. And I don’t even usually like driving! Who am I. At the camp, it was an incredible time of hiking in the pouring rain, sitting and talking by a river stream, sleeping in cabins on bunk beds, and even flannel wearing! It felt like fall for the first time since I’ve been here and breathing in that cool air this morning as I wore my flannel with pride was all too wonderful. But maybe even better than all that was the new friends I made. Namely, my BFF Jill (real talk, age 8) her cousin Stephanie (age 7) and her sister Jackie (age 11).

It all started with Jill, who for some reason was fascinated I was sitting there reading. Though trying to explain Barbara Brown Taylor to an 8 year-old wasn’t the easiest thing, my time with the these girls was a game changer for the weekend. Just today, Jill, Stephanie and I made a game out of picking up trash, had a photo shoot with Maggie that they directed (hence my fashion choices), and even had a sing-along/drum jam sesh time! Oh yes, we did all the classics: We Will Rock You, the Biebs, T-Swift, even the Wheels on the Bus for the little ones. It was an epic time of super girl power and I was so proud of all my drumming divas. Jackie even gave me a beat boxing lesson! That girl is going to go places. Plus, on the way back, Maggie and I got to ride in the back of the truck through the river part. Too much fun. All in all, best weekend since we’ve been here. And I’m ok with that.



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