So turns out, there is one West side dog I still like. Big Dog. Well that’s what we call him. He’s our neighbor’s giant black lab who genuinely thinks he lives at our house. But tonight I am thankful for him. In the midst of real life and bad news for a close friend, I am reminded of presence just sitting on the porch, petting this dog. I know it sounds crazy, especially to me, but it reminds me of another time when I was younger, like 15 maybe. I found myself frustrated, overwhelmed, running away down my drive way, and yet somehow in the calming presence of my neighbor’s stupid dog. You should see my journal entry that day. Title was probably “I saw God in a dog.” And yet, the same is true tonight. Looking into the brown eyes of this dog for the first time, petting his fur, all I know is peace. Who says petting a dog can’t be a form of prayer? And tonight I’m praying for peace that transcends thoughts and a presence worth the feeling.



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