Jesus Es Mi Rey Soberano

Things with the church music are at an all-time awesome. For the early service, I get the privilege of playing the djembe along with the David on the Spanish guitar and Maria Luisa with her trusty tambourine. Though I must admit…Spanish rhythms are a lot more complex than what I usually do, but it’s been a growing experience!

I’m also officially a member of Los Holy Boys, getting to debut my guitar skills last week at church and excited to break it back out for the church picnic next week. But maybe the most fun part is getting to be apart of the music in the second service. I’ve already voiced that Ramiro, the piano player, really is the most gifted piano player I’ve already heard. He just plays with such fluidity and grace that transcend my comprehension of notes and keys. For the past few weeks, I’ve gotten to play along with him on djembe, debuting with a song just the perfect tempo for me to kill it. Too much fun. After that, Ramiro has promised me a Samba duet of him on piano and me on the drum to come soon. Yes. Literally so excited.

But the latest development is that I’ve decided to join the 6 person power choir of the second service, and just two weeks in, it’s already my new favorite thing. There’s nothing like accompanying that piano, sitting on those alto harmonies, and evoking vibrato to match the singers on either side of me. This choir sings with such precision and intentionality and I love the challenge. They’ve already nicknamed me “the youngin” but I’m ok with it. Definitely have had worse nicknames…

This song is one we sang in both services today. It’s a hymn that harkens back to an older time, with rich 7th chords and long fermatas for embellishment, but I love it. This hardy rendition is not quite what it sounded like in church, but you get the idea. Like I’m pretty sure that’s a harp and then a harmonica at some point… But hey, those harmonies. Any day.


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