ImageHello again. In honor of having some time to kill while I wait for my flight home (YAY), here’s a post I like to call “this is what dreams are made of” -Hil Duff. On Friday, I received the email I’ve been anxiously awaiting since the dream of attending Princeton Theological Seminary was put in my head Spring 2013. The more I talked to people and researched the seminary possibilities, the more convinced I was that Princeton is the place for me. All my personal heros of professors and mentors encouraged me to look into it, knowing it’s quite the place to study youth ministry. Once I read some of Kenda Creasy Dean’s book, I was convinced she was basically the best mind for youth ministry out there todayand she just also happens to teach at Princeton. But at the time, I also knew how I desired so much a place where I could study both for my Masters of Divinity as well as some youth ministry specific studies. I wanted a place where I could study pastoral ministry in the context of the whole church, avoiding the siloing out youth ministry already does, as well as a place where I could learn more about what I’m really most excited about: youth. Not only is Princeton a Presbyterian seminary, convenient since I’m in this whole Presbyterian world right now and kind of diggin it, but also it has a dual degree program perfect for what I want to do. In four years I could pursue both an M. Div and an M.A. (Masters of Arts), focusing on youth and young adult ministries. HELLO.

So way early, I started the application progress, I worked through essays and even had a Skype interview. Then I waited. Waited for the message that would confirm or deny the future that I am so sure I want to pursue. And Friday it came. An email that announced, “You have been accepted into candidacy for the M.Div. and M.A. (Dual Degree Program) program starting in the Fall Term of the 2014-2015 Academic Year.” My reaction: YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS (JUMPING JUMPNG JUMPING). Too good to be true!

But it got even better. Yesterday I heard again from my friends at the admissions office with a message that again made my heart stop and evoked such a response that I jumped out of my seat. “It is my great pleasure to tell you that you have been selected for a Presbyterian Leadership Award for the academic year 2014-2015. These fellowships are awarded on the basis of outstanding promise for the pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and high level academic achievement. The Presbyterian Leadership Award covers tuition…” Wait. What. I’m sorry, WHAT. Dream come true. Times a million.

In awe of such great news, all I can really say is this. I am extremely honored to be even considered a member of a theological community. It only excites me even more to think about the future I will have as a minister and the learning I will get to do over the next four years to prepare me for that ministry. Thank you to all who have supported me and encouraged me over the many years.  Feels like that 7th grade girl who decided she wanted to be a youth minister is one step closer to being the minister she feels called to be. And I can’t thank God enough for that.


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