Mid-Winters with House of Teens!

This weekend definitely goes in the books as one of the best yet! Seven students from House of Teens, James and I went to the Mid-Winters conference at Mo-Ranch, a Presbyterian camp in Hunt, TX. Being there and getting to be weird and use accents and dance crazy with these awesome students was just all too good. I also had my first experience driving a church bus (the first of many to come I’m sure) and it went remarkably well! All in all, it was a great weekend full of laughs and photo shoots.

Here are a few of our best:


When we first arrived.


Because sometimes we take selfies….


The dreaded cat walk…a required part to getting anywhere. Terrifying. A bonding experience for sure.


Too good.


At the half way of the cat walk. Such a great group!


Oscar carrying Kassandra up to the lookout. Sweetest.


The hiking selfie. feat. Karla – the selfie queen.


The whole gang at the top!


But this takes the cake for best pic of the weekend.

Thanks again for everyone who came (you all are seriously the best) and everyone who made it possible for our group to be there!


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