A Pre-Summer Update

Well believe it or not, this year is coming to a close fast! Here’s how it breaks down.

In the house. James, my roommate, got accepted to a teaching program in Washington, great great news. But now he has to leave mid-June to start his classes! What am I going to do without this fruit-loving, bike-riding, loud-eating, fun-loving guy? Well move into his room…but still! We will miss him like crazy. And on top of that, Ashley, another roommate, will be out of town for pretty much all of June on a school project, and just like that, our last weekend together as a community is now May 30th. What! Too soon. We still have so much to do! Go to Austin, go on a closing retreat, go do karaoke, throw James a party annddd watch Harry Potter 1-3?! Needless to say, we’ll be packing it all in for about a month. Got to go out with a bang, you know?

At work. Yesterday, I sat down with the House of Teens staff and we scheduled out the summer programing. But when you factor in two weeks of running kids’ camp in June, then the week of our mission trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico in July, and give the students some space before and after those events, there’s not much summer left for me! Looks like I’ll be around for about 3 weeks of normal summer programing and then boom! I’m gone. Yes, officially I will be coming back on Saturday, August 2nd (so if you’re reading this I hope we can find time to hang out post-2nd!). This will give me about a month to resettle and repack before heading to Princeton (ahhh!) to start school! Crazy. I am happy House of Teens will have some good time for programing in August, but I am already starting to miss it!

I’ll also be doing Peace Pals throughout the summer three times a week. Got to get my fill of that pool! But another part of the summer I am really excited about is leading the music classes for Peace Camp. This two week kids’ camp is kind of like VBS, expect we plan and execute everything. Luckily for me, that means music. I am having a lot of fun planning our time with rhythm games, drum circles, choral days, instruments days and even a little karaoke. And of course we’ll prepare a few songs for the congregation (like maybe this one I’ve been jamming to since I got to lead it in the Spanish service last week. What a classic.)

All that being said, if you have enjoyed following me on this journey or have liked what you’ve read, I hope you consider supporting me for the year. I have come a long way on my fundraising, but I still have some support to be raised. Truthfully, any amount is helpful as I try to reach this goal by the end of my time here. You can find the instructions for how to give in this post (click on “this” to be redirected).

Thank you all for your constant support in many ways and for following me on this adventure. I can honestly say it has been a life-changing year and I have loved it!


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