Peace Camp!

Well today finished up the craziness known as Peace Camp. It was two weeks of 9 to 5, non-stop kid time and though it was exhausting, it was also a blast. From the staff friends I made to the 15 foot inflatable water slide, from the karaoke days of hearing “Let It Go” four times in a row to our weekly trip to the river at Rob’s cabin, I must say this goes down as one of my favorite times of work yet! My specific part was leading the music time, and though I have never led a kids’ choir, we had fun every day making beats, singing loud and learning songs. And here is one of the songs we ended up with! Performed for the congregation this morning, this is about half of our kids singing a mash-up of “Ale, Ale, Ale” and “I’m Gonna Live So”. I’m proud of those kids for sticking with it, even if they would have much preferred to have karaoke day always and forever.


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