Jazz Drums

This past weekend was another exciting one spent in Wimberley! Beth Watson, music minister at Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church in Austin, once again recruited me to play in her band at church (really, I’m a sucker if I’m asked to play a drum set). I was eager not only for the opportunity to play, but also to spend another weekend eating incredible food (Beth is also a caterer) and hanging out with my new cool friends (Beth’s kids basically ran Peace Camp). Though Beth told me jazz drums is easy stuff, I know from years of being in jazz band that it’s actually the hardest of all the drumming. A good jazz drummer knows the music well enough to drive the band with every pop and kick of the 1st trumpet line. But luckily, this band was kind of a hodgepodge of players, so my less experienced jazz drumming sufficed. And we had a blast! Though I would label the music we played a little more “Dixie swing” (is that even a thing?) than jazz, it was the greatest. I mean, how can you play When The Saints Go Marching In and not have fun? The congregation sang along with the jazzed up hymns we provided like Peace Like A River, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and What A Friend We Have In Jesus. All in all, it was just too much fun not to share! So this is for you grandma, grandpa and mom (and anyone else who particularly likes jazz or just wants to hear my best attempt at jazz drums).

PS. If you get to the end of the song, listen for the part when I dropped my drumstick and casually had a freakout moment for about half a second. Oh good times.


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