A Little Reprise

Today was my last Sunday at Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church. It’s definitely hard to say goodbye to all the people who have supported me and loved me for a whole year. But since I have to go, this was the way to go out. This morning I got to church hoping to jump in the choir for one last hurrah, but sadly no choir this week. I was a little bummed but eager to see how I could contribute. Alas, at the end of the service as the postlude began, I recognized it in an instant. Ramiro, our insanely skilled pianist (who I will miss dearly), started playing the samba version of “Shall We Gather at the River” that he and I had practiced way back in November (here’s it from before!). As soon as I heard that intro, I jumped up and ran to the djembe to join in! And what a way to go out it was. Jamming to my favorite song of the year along with my great choir director and friend. And though the video is a little shaky and at the time I wasn’t too excited about a flash in my face, I’m grateful that my roommate Julius caught a clip of this moment. I’ll miss this place dearly and today, especially all the wonderful music that has been added to my life! Atlanta, I’ll see you on Saturday. Ahhh.


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