Albuquerque Mission Trip

Just had to share some pictures from our New Mexican adventure last week! Such a great way to end my summer with the House of Teens kids. Proud of the work they did and thankful for the fun times we shared!

10542852_2518178070082_22541335_n 10552619_10204243254227387_6655837900805047932_n1969295_10204243259427517_7250794751327353936_n1910147_10204243260267538_6930158964830504490_n   10474754_10204243241267063_621264535707531553_n 281868_10204243249867278_4474985825437330124_n10511366_10204243264187636_3320019095739821788_n   10565231_10204243263587621_2838111673666786325_n10348611_10204243267387716_7237797266798116323_n


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